When is more content arriving?

Absolutely LOVE Goat Sim 3. 1000% willing to throw lots more money at Coffee Stain for DLC of any kind!! Any plans to release more?


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Not yet maybe in the future, probably looking how populair the base game will be first

There was the Christmas free items that got released

I’m not sure if it’s as viral as the first game, but I’ve seen a few big YouTubers playing it. Some of their videos have got nearly a million views, which is pretty respectable for an indie game.


Man i hope so. There’s no other games thst reliably make me laugh nearly as hard as Goat Sim

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and the first had like 10 dlcs
honestly my favourite was mmo because it felt like a story mode
and quests were in order
and it was so big
and so many times it showed me “are you sure you want to tp to this place?”
and that secret area that was hidden at spawn the entire time that took me like 5 hours to find