Game size?

i want to know how big the game is on pc like how much space it takes

This may not be credible but “Goat Simulator 3 requires at least 8 GB of memory to be installed on your computer. Furthermore, the game makers recommend that you have at least 16 GB of free space on your PC. In terms of game file size, you’ll need at least 12 GB of free space.”


k thanks

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It is accurate, the Epic Games Store has the same numbers.


To my knowledge minimum of 8Gb to a max of 14Gb ( with multiple game files and all extra thing’s applied to the game like tornado and others)


thats RAM i’m talking about how much space it takes up on the computer to download and play it because i only have 30GB and most games(like rocket league) take up 20GB+

even one ios game takes up 33GB

As I had stated before, it is 8 GB to download, and then it is recommended that you have around 16 GB of free space but you will need more than 12. So have around 20-22 GB of storage at least.


No it does not, Goat Simulator Pocket Edition takes up 1.6 GB, and every other version is less than one GB

Edit: thought you meant the first goat simulator. A majority of mobile games do not take up that much space. Only very large and complex games do. The game “Beyond a Steel Sky” is a very large and complex game and even that is only 3.2 GB.