Did you already pre order?

your friendly reminder to pre order to get those udders :crazy_face:

did you pre order?

  • yes, the standard version
  • Yes, the digital downgrade edition
  • no, not yet
  • i will not be ordering/pre-ordering GS3

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Yes, I pre-ordered the Digital Downgrade edition for Xbox Series X/S.


I preordered the Digital Downgrade edition on PC

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Ordered my Goat In A Box!


Im pre order downgrade edition.

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i must wait for exams

That’s to bad, cause you can’t get the pre-udder

yeah the exams start a day after the release if i don’t get minimum 3 100%s then i wont even get it

but its fine i am getting the standard dd to expensive

Good luck, may the goat be with you

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thanks hope i get it

wanna play together? if i get the game