Missing pre-order code

Hello my name is Carl and I pre-ordered the goat in a box edition from gamestop here in the USA for the Xbox series X. However, apparently they canceled that edition in the USA and I was told when I went to pick up my game. They had to sell me the standard edition of the game. Gamestop did not give me the pre order udder code with my purchase. It wasn’t on the receipt or in the box. I complained about the canceled edition and they told me to contact the company…

Is there any way I can get my pre order udder code for the Xbox series X. My goat in the box order was canceled without my knowledge. The gamestop employee tried to get me a backup code but couldn’t find it in the system. I emailed gamestop and I emailed coffee stain but haven’t heard back. Can you help?

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This issue is currently being reviewed,
Hopefully there will be a soloution to resolve the pre-udder problem soon. :+1::goat:

Is it possible for you to return the game? If you can, I would suggest buying it from amazon.de because they have flyers in the case (the US ones do not) with a code that unlocks the in-game udders.

Unfortunately I already opened the game. Was the code not given in the US? I know it wasn’t in the box, but should have been printed on my receipt from gamestop.

I am having the same issue. I pre-ordered the PS5 Goat Simulator 3 months ago from Bestbuy.com here in the States. I received the game, opened it, and there was no code in the case. Nor did I received any code from Bestbuy via e-mail. I contacted their support and they stated they were unable to locate any DLC codes to give me. I also sent an e-mail to contact@coffeestain.se over a week ago explaining how I received no code and provided screenshots of my receipt and a picture of the game case. Never received a reply. :frowning:

I never received a reply from them either. Still waiting and gamestop is no help

Anything yet? Update this with anything new please.

Coffee stain hasnt responded to my email… Gamestop is just acting like they don’t know… Really frustrating that the company won’t even respond about their own game.

We at Coffee Stain North do not get emails sent to “contact@coffeestain.se”, that’s Coffee Stain Studios’ mail. Try goatsimulator3@coffeestain.se
Regarding the codes, the US ones do not have a flyer with a code in them. It should’ve been printed on the receipt/invoice.
Are you still having trouble with this?

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