Preorder 3d files for printing

Are they ONLY in the Goat in the Box edition for PC? I read a report saying its for that edition on PC only. Other reports say only that edition, no matter the system.

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No, it’s for ps5 and xbox series X too


So ill get the 3d files if I preorder this edition for ps5? because this link says the files are only from the PC version:

sorry, I was wrong. if you buy the goat in a box edition for pc it will come with 3d print files. but not on ps5/xbox

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but also if you buy the Digital Downgrade edition on PC those are included.

yeah, they are only on PC but I’m sure that you can find them online and you would be morally justified to do so because you paid just as much as the next guy (assuming you are still going with the downgrade)

Old post, the OST and 3D files are part of the Digital Downgrade Edition and DLC on all platforms. There should be a QR code in settings on console.