Why Do You Love Playing Goat?

What is it about bouncing around various worlds as a Goat which does it for you?

For me, it’s an open canvas for me and my daughter to tell some wacky stories. We’ve had our goats competing in paragliding championships, saving Goatwind from a megalomaniac, property developing dinosaur, saved cats from an evil camel with a taste for cat sausage. We’ve been secret agents, estranged twins, space pirates who have to become ninjas, we’ve had so much fun playing the games together, inventing our own tall tales around all the great, vast goaty content.

We still play it for between five and ten hours a week, just making up these crazy stories for us to act out.

Of course discovering the millions of Easter eggs isn’t so much a bonus but a core part of the games. When we finally launched the pirate ship into space, I think we spent the whole week telling new stories to fit around it, likewise the secret cow farm in MMO became a secret army ready to storm Goatwind and take it for their own. There’s so many opportunities to completely reinvigorate the experience.

I can’t tell you how much we’re both looking forward to the sequel as there does come a point where we felt we’ve seen it all and done it all with the current offering.

Anyway, what’s it all about for you, why are you looking forward to strapping on the hooves again and living as a goat?