Celebrating Ten Years Of Goat Simulator

With Goat Simulator now being ten years old, I thought it would be fun to share with other fans why we enjoy the game and any favourite memories and give thanks to the team behind it.

I discovered Goat Simulator about seven years ago, when the game was gifted on Playstation Plus. As with many gamers, I wondered what the hell this was, haha. So I booted it up and saw that… yup, you’re a goat. So I crashed through the fence, jumped on the trampoline, fell in the swimming pool and then discovered the pentagram! I trotted back down, licked some protesters, got hit by the spinning car and fell down the shrinking hole!

I had about an hour trotting around head-butting stuff and honestly, didn’t think much more about it.

It was only when my daughter turned four (yes, rather fittingly she’s the same age as Pilgor, haha) and she was looking to try the Playstation that I remembered the silly goat based sandbox I’d spent a surreal few hours on years earlier. She took to it like a duck to water and after spending hours giggling her way through the world, I started to play it with her and in split screen. We told the most outrageous stories together, often bringing the house down with laughter as we pretended to be competing goats, lost brothers, super heroes and super villains and our imaginations only further expanded as we slowly explored the various DLC packs.

Goat became the foundation with which we got to know each other. I’d often weave little life lessons into the games and teach her about the world through the stories we told.

Now at ten, she’s growing up fast but Goat will always be a part of our lives.

So thank you Coffee Stain and to the team behind our beloved Goat games. Goat 3 has added a lot of more traditional gameplay elements to the series but the heart of it will always be the open, sandbox, which invites players to find their own fun in the world they’ve created.

So yeah, please use this thread to share your own stories and let the team know what their little corner of gaming means to you. :slight_smile:


I’ll share mine if that’s ok…

Both of my sisters grew up playing goat simulator and always talked about it and how funny it is. So I looked it up and it was on my iPhone so of course I downloaded Goat Simulator Pocket Edition as soon as I could. I have played for over a year now almost 2. I would wake up and play it. In the car I would play it. After school I would play it. And I still do till this day. After friends had played Goat Simulator 3 and I saw that it’s coming out I eventually got my parents to get it for me on mobile as I don’t want a PlayStation or Xbox or PC so with my now concerned parents over my obsession with this funny goat game they to joined in because they thought it was funny! And I have been playing Goat Simulator 3 since December 12 and have played of 70 Hours :joy:. This always made me feel better as it makes me laugh and makes me happy. Thanks Coffee Stain and Dave


That’s awesome Theo, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the opportunity for sharing!