Weird place I found in goat sim 3 (platform 24/7)

(I don’t remember where I glitched out of)
I glitched out of the map and fell onto something called “platform 24/7”
(I deleted the screenshots I took a while ago so unfortunately I can’t show what it looked like)

but it was a big box, whenever I went onto platform 24/7 the screen would have a greenish-yellow tint and there seemed to be something inside of it that looked like clouds, but I didn’t fully see what it was bc I fell off,

On platform 24/7 I could see the place you teleport where it’s a giant ikea/warehouse, another area that looked like a big box, de_sand2, and a texture of Jupiter
(At least that what is looked like)

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Got you man! After you jump in the volcano in the Lord of the rings refrence event with the ring you get teleported to that platform. And yes, DE_sand2 and other event places are under the map and the Jupiter texture and stuff are sorta like the fake sky of those play areas

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Ohh okay, thx !

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Np, it’s my job to find secrets ,and oh boy how many have i found

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Maybe you’d like to help, I’m making a guide documenting every single reference in the game. This will be tricky because I probably don’t even recognize many or perhaps most of them. For now this is only for the base game.

I also plan on making a guide documenting every secret interaction that doesn’t count as an event or secret event, for example setting off the giant rocket at the fireworks shop, or blowing up the car at the construction yard using the wrecking ball. Currently there’s no way to know if you’ve done them all, so a guide showing all of them will be a good idea I think!


My God you’ll never finish it, trust me! I even today still find eastereggs in Goat Sim 1!
Mad respect but you wont find “everything”

I dont even know where to start, like they are so many,so many im sure as hell i forgot about most of them.Something i dont think anyone else found was Bob Angoriu’s grave in Morwoodfalls, bug bunny could be a trowback to that hunted bunny in GoatZ(not sure), many stuff animals show signs of being alive,many grafitis in the game are reused from Goat Payday, there are many many subtle details with hidden meanings. Just A LOT of stuff.

Oh the first guide I linked is more about references to things, like movies, shows, books, games etc. Not really secret stuff. So far I have about 70.
I don’t know who Bob Angoriu is??? And google doesn’t show anything about it.

My 2nd guide about mini events is for the interactions that make text pop up and award money, but don’t count as events or secret events. I don’t know what they’re called so I call them mini events. Unlike normal/secret events, they can be repeated but only give money the first time.

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Right sorry, Bob is the founder of San Angora and his story is told in the museum