Creppy coincidence?

So if you didn’t know already in GoatZ there is an creepy bunny plush that you can find in some wierd spots on the map like a hunted house . Well when i played the game every time i ran into it my game crashed or bugged in ways i’ve never seen befour like zombies , other animales or NPCs having broken textures , models breaking , having gibrish mesages in the chat like the bunny is trying to talk with me , very NPC that isn’t buggy is replaced with a naked russian , beeing teleported , etc . Now i know that goat simulator is a buggy game and some of the bugs mentioned are ‘features’, BUT . In the Easter Update the “Bug Bunny” was added , a bunny that glitches the world … So was it all a coincidence or the bunny from GoatZ actually was haunted ? I’l let you guess cuz im just confuesed and idk what to belive…


Well there’s lots of myths and errors in GoatZ and yes the naked Russian to is part of the game :joy:.
It’s just how they programmed it! Like if you seen any binary zombies or goats then don’t be surprised! Also creepy


Yah but that bunny is back in Goat sim 3 and named “Bug Bunny” so who knows.

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