Trainers aren't unlocking PS5

Hi folks, first attempt posting so sorry if this is a mess.

I am playing on PS5 and I can’t get the trainers to unlock in the shop despite having completed the “Community Service” mission. I’ve tried completing the mission on my child’s save slot as well but it remains blacked out. I also made an addition save to try complete it again and still nothing.

As far as I can tell from my online searches the shoes should be available to purchase after this mission but they are not so I am stuck in my progress for the platinum trophy.
If there are any solutions or I have to do something else to get the to unlock that info would be very helpful.

Thanks =)


Had same issue, i finally got them unlocked, on Wardrobe tab, on Featured section there’s an Ability one where it has random items with abilities you can unlock, the trainers eventually came up in there