"Forbidden Fruit - The Ark gear" glitched [PS5]

At first I’d like to say hi to everyone as it’s my very first post here :blush:

But to the point. It seems like this secret quest is glitched for me, as when I touched the fruit, the game took that as quest completed, but didn’t give me The Ark gear. It’s the only thing that I have left to collect and complete the last instinct.
However, when I switched the accounts and started new game, everything’s fine.

I’ve already searched YouTube for any solution, but there’s none :pensive:
Really don’t wanna start all over again to get that platinum trophy.

I hope you guys have any ideas how to make it work


I do not remember exactly how I got the ark gear but I’m very sure I bought it from the shop at some point, is it there? And are you 100% certain that the ark is put into the shop after that mission? There are many other missions it may come from if not

Also welcome!

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I’m 100% sure I bought everything from the shop, collected all gear, trinkets, secret quests and any other instincts. Ark is the only item that’s still unavailable in the shop marked as “not available yet”. But the quest itself is done and any other events too.


Ok guys. I found a solution. Somehow all the progres from highest percentage save file transfers to the others. I loaded manual save from around 3h in-game and all collectibles and instincts from the main save file remained. All I had to do was repeat quest, buy gear from the shop and complete that particular instinct.
Pretty wierd I must say, but hey… it’s Goat Simulator :sweat_smile:


Glad you got it figured out! Your trinkets, gear, and instinct progress is shared between your save files by the way