[PS5] The tickler is missing


I’m just missing two trophies before I can platinum this game. However, today I noticed that I never got the tickler gun. I should’ve received it after I completed the Clean Energy mission. I even started a new game just to redo the mission, but it was still missing.

As far as I know nobody has reported the same bug as this, but hopefully there’s a solution.


It is found in the mansion where the Clean Energy mission is. Completing that mission unlocks the mansion doors. Is it not there?

Unfortunately it’s not there.

Hmm okay, well you can clear all of your data, you will have to restart everything but it’s still fun to play again.

I was hoping that I didn’t had to do that because there’s another game that I wish to play. But as you said, it’s still fun to play again.

Sorry to hear that, but at least to me, it seems me fun starting all over again