The Eggplant-Vehicle Glitch (Goat Simulator 3)

The Eggplant hat accessory that costs 6969 instinct points is RIDICULOUSLY buggy in certain vehicles. I personally had the most buggy experience inside of vans with the eggplant. The hat often completely makes certain vehicles in certain seats completely unusable, often being so bad to the point of making vehicles fly, go through objects, and even go into the sea even when boosting away from it. There are a couple of things I would like to point out, like how it’s usually worse sitting in the passenger’s seat. In most cars sitting in the driver’s seat causes no bugs, apparently.

Here’s a video I found of somebody having the same issue.

Goat Simulator 3 Eggplant-Vehicle Glitch


I’ve found this too, but there’s no reason to fix it, it’s very entertaining and they probably noticed it and left it in


[quote=“VenosaGDaddict, post:1, topic:1112”]
6969 instinct points
[/quote]sounds like they knew what they were doing with the eggplant🤨