The 3 questioning

Hi. I have 3 questions…

Q1: I want to purchase game but i need2 know… Can i run 30fps stable?
(my notebook: i7 6700hq & nvdia gtx 950m(2gb)

Q2: Will you add new content(more equiments, maps & of course dlcs)?

Q3: Can i match up with 3 other online players(completely strangers)? If not atm, can u do it soon?

Btw, i found this forum very similar to an artistic place’s forum. Just sayin.

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for Q3 you can find people on discord

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you on discord

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You can’t play with strangers yet

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Q1: complete shot in the dark here but I have an laptop with a i7 and some Radeon graphics it runs 17fps on medium, so probably you are gonna have 28 or something ( do not take this as a fact)

Q2: they are exploring dlc’s and probably looking how good the base game will do
So there are no things set in stone as far as publicly known

Q3: you can go to the discord to ask random people, but it is not possible via the game it self

Hope this helps

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