Search people for coop

Hey guys, i want to find people who bought gs3 and play together on release day because i don’t have friends with gs3

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I recommend joining the Discord:

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im search people in discord too

do you have pc also i wont get in release day bc of exams i MIGHT get after that

Yes, im on PC, I’ll play when you’re free

which country so i can know the time and convert it?

also my little sister might interrupt bc she loves the original

and i wish i had discord but i don’t so yeah

I will answer later, I’m just busy


Im here.

time is gmt+3

okay thnx i am 5 hours ahead of you though maybe it works out? what time you can play?

i am gmt+8

available at 4 oclock your time?


k its 9pm for me and 4pm for you i will message you on this forum k?

if i get 3 100s in exam i can get it and that happens most of the time so chances of getting it are bout 85% with calculations(didnt actually calculate anything at all just a wild guess)

good luck