Stream nr.2

It’s that time of the month again… another stream is on the way! On YouTube :flushed:

Behind the scenes, challenges, humiliation. All the good stuff basically.
March 22, 6 PM (CET) on our YouTube channel

In the latter half of the stream, we will have a Q&A session. You can write down all your goaty, or non-goaty, questions here. We’re going to pick some of the questions you have and read them out loud during the stream. Wow!

Note: we can’t answer questions about if the game will come to last-gen consoles/mobile, if/when the next update will come, or if we’re working on a DLC :zipper_mouth_face: Questions regarding these topics will not be included in the stream. Period.


Oh great! I loved your last livestreams, in special the part when they taste the spicy nuggets and they start to laugh…ohhh, what a moment
Keep gold! Im very keen on your livestreams and I would like you to do more. They´re awesome and I´ll try to see it.
:goat: :goat_bless_love: :goat_love:
P.S : I´ll think on my question, when I have it, I´ll tell ya :wink:

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I asked a question on the discord (which everyone should join) but I have another one so I may as well just put it here:
If you could add ANYTHING to the game with no work or effort what would you add? It can be anything from a bug fix to an entire part of the map or new map.

Oh, interesting question.
But there is a problem, I cant join the discord so what can I do, or I just put it down here…
Well, you tell me as soon as you can, no worries.

They asked it both here and in the discord, you can ask a question at either and they will read it.

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Ok, thanks!!
Still thinking it!

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Okay! I think I finally got my Q :
If you need to remove one mutator and gear, wich would you remove?



I would want to know more about goat simulator 2 which you mentioned in the last stream

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Maybe they would mention again in the next stream, but I´m not sure.
We´ll see it soon! :wink: