First livestream

Watch our first (and probably terrible) livestream on February 22 on our YouTube channel :goat_shook:


Ok I will try

It’s booked!

Nice live stream


please answer can I see the stream today or I can only see it wen you are doing it

You can watch the entire stream here :goat_bless:



Thanks goatsimulator3!

But, can you see the private message that I have sent to you. It would make me the happiest person in the world.:grin:

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yes and lke wen you will be conected to the forums @goatsimulator3

Don´t get it

I am asking in what days will @goatsimulator3 will be conected and aviliable

ok and please @goatsimulator3 answer when you are able to.
Don´t worry if you´re busy, Im just very exited. :yum::blush:

Can’t believe I missed this! :goat_shook: :goat_sad: :goat_mega_sad:

Yea it was awesome, sorry to hear that mate. :disappointed_relieved:

Yeah I did too, I was in Europe so the hours didn’t work lol, luckily it’s in their YouTube still

yea I couldn´t watch it complete

Cheesus christ a live stream when do the next live stream Comes

I dont know but please make the live stream on friday or weekend

Yes please because I think they are the best days and people hardly ever have time to see them on weekdays cause they´re working most of the times

But anyways, your livestreams are awesome, I love them