Friendly Reminder

Friendly reminder that Goat Simulator 3 is coming out in just 1 month! :goat: :tongue:


Thank you for the reminder :smirk::palm_up_hand::sparkles:


You’re very very welcome! :goat: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


only 11 more days I’m so hyped (let’s hope it isn’t my downfall)

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3 more

2 more

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for me its 3

because i’m pc it come out on pc on 18th

No, it doesn’t it comes out on the 17th for everyone unless you are in a different time zone

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it comes out on epic games 18th for me thats what it says

then you must be in a different tome zone it is the 16th for me right now it’s probably the 17th or soon to be the 17th for you