Reliving the Good Old Times: The Old Way to Get Points for Destruction and Madness, Goatz and more

In the first Goat Simulator game there was, at the top left (or right), a little place that said “score: xxxx”. This score is earned by doing different things like explosions, mayhem, destruction, stunts, challenges, and more. Each of these different things gave a certain amount of points, and playing with friends you could compare how many points they got per game or how quickly they got an exact amount.
My name is Ezequiel and I’ve been playing Goat Simulator for as long as I’ve been playing a video game, starting on my phone/cell phone and ending on a PC playing Goat Simulator 3. One of the things I liked the most (all of it). It was that little DLC that brings things from the first 2014 game to 3, but I’d like it more if it was much bigger and added everything from that scoring mode to the zombie.

Best regards from Argentina and never give up this incredible game.