Universal Question, rating Goat Simulator 3

Hi there! I´m new at the Forum and I would like to ask to all Goat Simulator 3 fans​:blush:, if you fon´ mind, of course​:yum:.I would be very exited if ya´ll answer my question.:sunglasses:I´m a real Goat Simulator fan, in general. Thanks!

How would you rate Goat Simulator 3? (number, opinion…)

It’s probably a 9.9/10 pretty amazing and really fun, with some more content/DLCs it could most definitely be better than the original which is impressive. Goat Simulator is probably my 5th favorite game franchise ever and it is a great sequel and game in general.


I would rate it Goat/10.

Actual Scores

Goat Simulator: 8/10

Goat Simulator 3: 9/10

I personally think its the best game ever made and that the devs are gods


I appreciate!
I also think it´s god, the creators, game structure and coffee stain north.But I´m trying to buy it but I don´t find it, the pre-udder, I mean. Some suggestions would be amazing.:blush:
Anyway, thanks for aswering ya´ll, I will take note😎.

The pre-udder edition was only for those who pre ordered the game.

But I could see in for example, amazon pre-udder edition with out booking…

What do you mean by this

Like…I´ve been searching for a while and I find it on amazon, and I didn´t pre order it and I can buy it.

Someone probably preordered the goat in a box edition and then is selling it now.

9/10 because it’s awesome but the main story is prettty short


yeah, and at least for me on my PC i cant get over 60fps

Its just leftover stock