Pilgor sons

could pilgor have sons that would be cool like controlling baby goats I hava ideas for them so maybee I will put the drawing If it´s possible

I don´t think they acept that. :sweat:
I think the game is veeeery good the way it is.

Yes but I want answers of other persons

I think they would all agree with me, I think

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I personaly think that Pilgor is better without sons. :goat:

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Yeah that is an interesting idea but would change the game a lot so like having a goat gear that gives you minions/servants/knights or whatever would be better and more fitting.

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Yea, I agree but it´s ok, you have tried inaD.:grin::yum::sunglasses::blush::wink:
I also have lots of ideas and yourse it´s cool, I would also love to make Pilgor´s son, with you if you want.:grin::sunglasses:
But the game is already created and it´s a bit difficult to add new things, sorry.:disappointed_relieved:

it doesnt make it more difficult to add stuff after the game is made


“i would love to make Son with you if you want” Ayo? :skull: :thinking: