New Goat 3 Gameplay Trailer

So what are we making of the new gameplay trailer? Looks wild, haha:

The game has had a really sizeable graphics upgrade and the physics look as wild as ever. The clips of the dam and whale shows this game is going to be stacked with surprise areas. Can’t wait to really start digging into what’s there. :slight_smile:

Some extra gameplay videos are finding their way onto ze interwebs:


Looks great! The graphics look a lot better than the first game. I’m loving some of the mutators and I’m looking forward to seeing how the addition of drivable cars alters the gameplay.

I’m totally into the new Goat tunes though. How the hell does anybody score a game about simulating life as a Goat this well, hahaha.

It sounds like the soundtrack has a lot more variety than the original game’s. Given that there’s drivable cars, I wonder if you’ll be able to switch on the radio and listen to licensed music like in GTA.

I don’t think there will be licensed music, normally way too expensive for smaller indie studios. But I bet we’ll have enough tracks composed by someone amazing exclusively for GS3.

In any case, a very cool gameplay trailer! The game looks so fresh and fancy compared to the original, way more opportunities and hopefully some funny Easter Eggs!

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I seriously can’t wait for this game. I’m so excited to spend hours on the easter eggs.


ohhh I havent seen this traila before :eyes:

Hopefuly for Last Gen too.