GS3 Launches VR Software

When I open Goat Simulator 3 on Epic Games, it launches my HTC Vive software and Steam VR. The game then proceeds to crash. A workaround is to unplug my VR headset from my computer, but that’s cumbersome for a game that doesn’t use VR.

there is a reason for this

later in you get the ability to use vr you just have to reach a certain level in the goat castle to get it.’

Can you actually use VR with that headset though? I thought it was a joke item for first person

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I personally do not have a vr headset so I do not know but since it launched the vr software for op, I would think it does enable the use of vr

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That’s a cool addition if it is.

I mean even if it’s cool as an addon, it still crashes my game and bluescreens my computer until i unplug the headset. Can this be a bug that gets fixed?

Contact them via Twitter

Edit: don’t submit a support form, that’s for the original Goat Simulator