Goat Sim 3 Running On UEVR (VR Injector)

With the recent release of Praydog’s Universal Unreal Engine VR Mod (or just UEVR), one of the first games I wanted to try was… well, Goat Simulator 3!

How could THAT work? you would get sick to you stomach immediately!

And to you my friend, You’d be right. It’s not exactly the best experience, But I did enjoy myself and probably sent some NPCs to the hospital (even if vomit inducing).

With a few tweaks to the settings for the injector and forcing all specs to low, I was able to get a decently playable experience on my GTX 1070 (With all due respect is pretty impressive).

My headset is just a standard Quest 2 connected by USB to my PC (No wacky air link stuff).

I would upload a video and multiple images to here however, I am met with ‘422 error’ so, you will have to be graced by the worst possible image ever and just take my word for it:

This is my configuration file if you’d like to give it a go.

Does not come with support goats, humans or barf bags. I don’t know how to import configuration files to UEVR, please don’t ask me.


Hey I know this post is a bit old but this is actually so impressive lol




Do it with the fr headset in game item


Yeah I was thinking about what that would be like lol