DLC not working

So I decided to buy the digital downgrade DLC and I can’t seem to find the items. I have no clue if this is some weird glitch with the Epic launchers or something else, if anyone has any ideas on maybe how to fix this I would love to hear them.


Same here. i bought the “Digital Downgrade Edition” and can’t find the DLC content.


I’m also having this issue. I tried fixing it but couldn’t find a solution. Interestingly enough I have the pre-udder bonus but none of the “digital downgrade” bonuses.

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Yeah I have the exact same thing going on as well pre-order bonus is there but after deciding to get the digital downgrade pack later it will not show up :confused:

message @goatsimulator3

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Same here. I also can not find it

Devs are looking into it.

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So yesterday I bought the standard version of Goat Simulator 3 and after i completed the game, i decided to buy the Digital Downgrade DLC and it says, that it is in my libary, but I can not manage this addon. I tried to contact Epic Games and they said, i should contact coffee stain so here I am

PC users who bought the Digital Downgrade with add-ons. A new build is available, update the game and see if it works now


It works!

Does the update affect the Epic Game Store?
It doesn’t seem like anything changed and the content from the Digital Downgrade Edition is still missing.

My current build at epic is 208769.0.

Edit: Now it works :slight_smile:

Are they also looking into fixing it for ps5?