Digital Downgrade + Pre Udder Gear Glitched out of my Inventory!

So yesterday I redeemed the Digital Downgrade + Pre Udder Gear codes that were included in the ‚Goat in a Box Edition‘. It was working completely fine, after a few hours of playing I took a break and let my little sibling play it aswell on a brand new Save Slot for like 1 hour or so. After I went back onto my save slot, the Digital Downgrade Items and the Pre Udder Gear suddenly disappeared. They weren’t just gone on my save slot, but on my sibling‘s save slot aswell. Then, I tried redeeming the codes again, but it didn’t work, so what am I supposed to do now. Did I just get scammed out of 60$?

I can send proof of the redeem confirmation etc to Staff Members via E-Mail.

I hope that you can help me with my issue and give me the items or new codes as the main reason for buying the Goat in a Box edition were the codes.

send them proof via email, and ask for a new code. They should give ine to you

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