Competition Winners (and update news)

Howdy gear creators,

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Gear Competition and made this such a fun event. We hope you all liked it too!

If your gear wasn’t picked this time, pls don’t be sad. While we can’t make any promises, we’re hoping to hold a similar competition in the future so the community can show us their amazing creativity once again. Maybe we can make it even bigger, and hold a worldwide competition (rip my inbox).

The Winners

:trophy: 1st place:trophy::
Bob – don’t hate on Bob, his life is hard as it is already #BobForever

:3rd_place_medal: 3rd place:3rd_place_medal::
The Grappling Bow – a blast from the past in a new look. Gives you a similar ability to The Uncle Goat from the first game

:3rd_place_medal: 3rd place:3rd_place_medal::
The Puppet Goat – a stuffing-filled goat that lets you control NPCs like puppets

The birth of the new gears will be filmed and made into a video that we’ll post on our YouTube channel later. Stay tuned to find out when these will be added to the game!

We’ve seen some comments from players that the new gears might appear in a ‘potential Halloween update’ – sadly, there will not be a Halloween update this year :no_entry_sign: :jack_o_lantern:
Why not? We simply don’t have time to work on that since we’re working on some other super exciting stuff that we can’t wait to show you! That is all we can say for now. Ba

-Helena on the Discord