Livestream: Gear Competition Winners

Sheesh… With close to 600 submissions to choose from, this was not an easy task.

We’ve worked day and night, fought each other, cried a bunch, watched K-dramas, quit our jobs, and shamefully returned (since no one else wanted us). But we’ve finally picked out our three winners.

We wish we could’ve added all of your wonderful and crazy ideas into the game, but you know, ‘lazy devs’ and all that :frowning:

Join us this Wednesday, October 4th at 6 PM CET on our YouTube channel to watch us reveal the winners and go through a list of honorable mentions.


I’m waiting because I have GS3 maxed out and I’m bored, and it will be nice to look for new items


Excited to see who won! Even if ours doesn’t make the top three it was a lot of fun to make.
Can we have any info as to when it will be announced during the livestream? I’ll unfortunately miss part of it for a Calculus test :goat_sad:


Who won?