Compatibility with linux and availability in steam

hello, i am wondering if Goat Simulator 3 is going to be compatible with Linux natively and/or be compatible via Lutris? also, is it going to be released on Steam?

please, if anyone has information on these subjects, contact me asap.

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no steam bu t linux pre order for linux

Thank you Adi. I don’t really like the fact it’s not going to be on Steam, but at least it works on Linux, which is what I really need. Again, many thanks!

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Welcome, and yeah i wish that steam could work too because no steam means no modding but hopefully they add to steam soon its only because of the fortnite collab that they cant put it on steam now

hey if you are on pc can we play together? i have exams and if i get certain grades i will get it on pc so we can play online multiplayer! only time is the problem i have another person who can play online multiplayer with me we three can play? my exams end 29th november so i can get after that. I am playing with aleksgoat on this forum

and if it doesnt work you can return in 14 days and get a VM(virtual machine)for windows to get it

unfortunatly you can only download it game doesnt work (for now) but if you want it get vmware fusion you can download windows on your computer for free

thats fine ill just do a dual boot. i need one anyways since in my school we use minecraft education edition and kodu game lab which are exclusive to windows