When steam verision coming and is it gona support workshop?

I am really looking into goat simulator 3 to buy I got goat simulator 1 for ps4 / steam with all dlc.
Even I advertise goat simulator for 1-2 years to people in my country biggest computer store with ps4 to buy goat simulater with consoles of they buy.
But with epic exclusive I don’t want to buy and lots of people like thinking same think. Because steam got workshop and much more better platform than epic store. Also I do mainly use steam not buy single game from epic store not going to think to buy in future too.
I understand goat simulater 3 using unreal but still in consumer side steam is much more better platform to keep us away to buy the game.
I hope it will be as soon as be in steam too.
And if its gona come is it gona be workshop support like first one?


I think this is a great point and while the game is certainly gonna be awesome, mods were what kept goat simulator from ever becoming uninteresting or no longer having any replay value. Besides the massive amount of achievements, of course. But some of my fondest memories about goat simulator involve modding and even though the most legendary goat sim modder to ever live(Geonosis) has stopped modding, mods would absolutely make the game so much better.

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