Birthday suit bugged

Little tldr on my adventures in goat sim 3 so far, I’ve been watching lots of guides on things in goat sim 3 and I have almost everything, just missing a few trinkets in the downtown and goatenburg areas, I own everything from the in game store with all instincts completed, but there is one thing I am unable to do. And it’s the “streak across the soccer field” goal, because I don’t have the birthday suit. Multiple sources from guides to general Internet forums say it’s unlocked in the store after synchronizing the first goat tower, and make sure to check the featured tab. So I do all they say, and no results. I don’t have it in my inventory for purchase and the store is empty, there’s no redo’s on towers. I’m at a dead end here on this one, so I’ve decided I need to seek help from someone directly tied to the game.

Update! It’s actually a fur, and I misconstrued myself into thinking it’s an actual clothing item I could never unlock. Goat status achieved! Game is 100% completed. :slight_smile:


in 5 days? you completed it? you gonna play again?

I enjoy goat sim, so I will keep playing. Game already has a NG+ feature. Resets all story progress, I haven’t checked collectibles in the world cause the menus stay full, but it lets you go back and play the whole game and all those fun events again.

Birthday suit is a fur as the term “birthday suit” often implies wearing no clothing, thus the fur is hairless.