One game problem that needs fixing

I played the game and everything is great so far except for one problem. One of the instinct objective is broken. It’s called force 10 people to do push-ups at the same time. The instructions might be wrong. I tried but you can’t force people to do push ups in goat sim 3. I even looked up if anyone completed that challenge and it does not exist. It’s similar to exploding 10 people at same time. Maybe typo error in game development. Minor error fix should fix with small update. I tried the explosion even if it’s not on the instinct list and not working. That is the only mission preventing me on getting all trophies and completing the game fully. Very frustrating but can you please fix that issue. Note this is on the ps5 don’t know if its a game issue or ps5 and if other consoles don’t have this issue. Thank you and please look in to it.


You force them to do push ups by using the “Trainers” shoes, you have to gather 10 people and use them or just spam use them until you get 10 people doing it at once


Thanks for the help I now have the G.O.A.T trophy.


Nice job! Glad I could help! :goat: