Was/is there some kind of arg? In goat Z, there’s a pink house only enterable through a window in the back, and inside the house contains really creepy writing. One of the rooms in the house has a story written on the wall about a child and his cousins visiting a lake and seeing a “creature with glowing eyes and wispy hair”. There’s more writing that looks like it was written by someone that was seeing things other people didn’t, and another other writing that looks like it was written by a demon. I’ve always wondered what it meant, and I thought the idea of a dark story behind the scenes was really cool. I really think you guys should continue adding these really creepy secrets, and maybe explain some of the goat simulator lore (if there really is any)

Edit: I recommend you guys check out the goat simulator theory by The Theorizer on YouTube. He explains how Pilgor is in Purgatory and how she might of died. But im pretty confused, because if the goat is in purgatory, who wrote those things on the wall? Couldn’t be one of the regular npcs, as they have no consciousness. Also, if any of you guys are experienced with modding, maybe someone can go into the game files and figure out what the code on the Binary Man from goat Z says.


Can you send a picture of that?


Oh yeah that scared me as a kid lol, it was very interesting though


I’ve never seen it before


Tbh that wasn’t the only scary thing in a dlc based off of dayZ.


I think I can get a screenshot soonish, like in a hour or two at most


Those binary code zombie goats were creepy, and in the mobile exclusive version if you go in the tunnel in goatZ you can go to another exclusive map called trick or bleat and there’s a haunted house with jumpscares which scared me more than anything yet another reason I liked to play the mobile version even when I have PC version already


K thanks


Also welcome back here you haven’t posted in months
lol and btw there’s lore because gs1 in pilgor purgatory and goatZ is pilgor ps5 body as a zombie
Edit I found Now that I think of it, it may be a reference to A Story About My Uncle made by same devs but I didn’t think that’s a horror game


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Goatz isn’t based off dayz. Dayz is a mmo survival game that isn’t very focused on the zombies

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It is based off of it. Maybe not completely, but it’s meant to be like DayZ



Minor Content Warning:

The following content is a horror parody made by the devs but may be viewed as disturbing to some, it’s minor but if you are very easily scared then proceed with caution.

Also all italicized words are meant to be underlined, discourse does not seem to support underlining for whatever reason.

In the same house this weird dinning room is on the first floor:

Here’s what the walls say:

“you cant hide

you cant hide

you cant hide

you cant hide

you cant hide

you cant hide”

“you cant run

you cant hide

it is already inside

it’s no use

it’s too late


“let me out

if i promise to be good, will you let me go?

don’t you understand?

please let me out

if you would only let me speak to you

bring out the chicken blood

cant you hear them?

I can explain!

(the dead are inside)

or I just might kill all of you

I cant stand it anymore!!

no please no…

I don’t want to hurt anyone

me, me, always about me

leave me alone

dont leave me to die…

I swear I am telling the truth

(and now they are alive)

how can you not see them when they are everywhere”

“One day my father drove me down to the lake. We were going fishing with my uncle and cousins. It didn’t take long until we kids got bored and ran off to play on our own. We threw rocks and tried to see who could hold their breath the longest. One time, with my head under the water, I thought I could see someone, deep down, with glowing eyes and wispy hair. I got scared and swam upward, the surface much further away than I thought it was. When I finally reached it the air, my head was dizzy and my lungs were exploding. My cousin told me I won, but I couldn’t shake that uneasy feeling… when we were going home, it occurred to me that we hadn’t seen my youngest cousin for a while. My father and me helped my uncle search, and we we probably there for hours more, but no sign of my cousin. We never found him, and we still don’t know what happened to him. All I can think about is what I saw under the water, the glowing eyes and the wispy hair. I think about it, every time I see a body of water, every time it rains, or I hear water flowing down the drain. Sometimes I see it in my dreams, sometimes outside my window late at night. I am terrified, and still oddly drawn to this figure. I can’t stop thinking about it. I need to know. And if the only way is immersing my body in cold, black water and taking a deep breath…”


I wonder what the thing with glowing eyes and wispy hair is. Also could u send a screenshot of where this is


Wow that took awhile lol, hopefully this is good! The text may be slightly inaccurate as I had to maneuver a lot to be able to see that text as the camera is finicky with zooming and the text is low quality.

Some people think the fishing story is a reference to A Story About My Uncle, (other Coffee Stain North game from back when they were Gone North Games) but I’m not sure if it is or not.


It’s in the area where you start as in “After the Outbreak” mode, it’s one of the pink houses and you can only enter it from a window on the backside


It’s not in casual mode?


No it is but you spawn in different areas depending on the mode so I was using that to explain where it is


Ah okay