Will it be possible to play local multiplayer on PC?

I’ve seen a few games that allow controllers to be connected and you can play with a friend on pc. Will this be possible?

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Multiplayer is supported, up to 4 players. According to the Epic Games store page, co-op play is supported as well.

No words about local multiplayer (multiple players, one device) tho. :thinking:


There is local and online play

Source? Haven’t found anything regarding local multiplayer (on the EGS store page they don’t differ between local and online co-op, so we never know unless we get an official answer ig)

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Look at the description of the first trailer

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Hm. They talk about “invite up to three” which is wrong, and only mention online and local co-op while forgetting online multiplayer. LOL

Yeah anyway, we’ll see! :+1:


I’ve seen it just now; It’s mentioned on the website. :rofl:

Under the headline “GATHER YOUR HERD” it says:

“Your friends can be goats too! Goat Simulator 3 has 4 player co-op, locally or online. […]”

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invite 3 friends
you + 3 friends = 4

Old post, local multiplayer is available on the PC version, as long as you have another controller or keyboard for each player.