I cant play Multiplayer with my friends. (PC)

i bought Goat Simulator 3 recently from the microsoft store to play it with my friends. the problem is that when the game starts my other 2 friends log in but i stay in the lobby until i get an error saying the following: connection failed (GS3-NF-40). try again. if the problem persists, go to Support - Goat Simulator 3 for more info. i’ve been looking on Reddit and everything and i can’t figure it out. any help?


Do your friends also use the Microsoft Store version? If they have the Steam or Epic Games versions then unfortunately Goat Simulator 3 on the MS Store is only crossplay with Xbox.


Yes, all 3 of us have the microsoft store version because it was cheaper than the steam version (we are from argentina and chile and Steam recently went into dollars for argentina so…).


Hmm okay, have you all tried being the host and the same thing happens? Also do other online games work?


Yes. We tried that thing about me being the host, they don’t join either and they get the same error. and about if other online games work, if you mean MS store games. Apparently not, I recently bought dying by daylight to play it with the same friends and when we sent each other invitation to join the 3 of us together we got an error saying that we could not join the invitation or something like that, I do not know if that has much to do but … yes
I was drawing my own conclusions and according to me is a bug that has ms store I guess.


That is rather strange, I would recommend emailing/calling Microsoft Store support to see if they can help. You should be able to find that here.

Sorry I couldn’t help too much but hopefully you can get your issue resolved! :goat_bless:

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