Scenic Route

The instinct “Take the Scenic Route in the Balloon Cart” is not triggering completion on PS5. I’m able to get into the shopping trolley hanging from the giant goat balloon, but no matter what I do the instinct doesn’t trigger. I’ve sat in it and left my console running for an hour without it going. I’ve tried ragdolling, and doing gestures, but nothing works. Anyone else experiencing this problem?


Have you updated you game today? This bug should be fixed if you update and try again.


I have updated the game and I still can not get this instinct. Tried many different ways to get it but it will not happen.

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I managed to get around it by loading a new game, going to the event and doing it from there.


Once it is the last thing i have to do, that is my plan. Ive been going from area to area completing everything. Currently in downtown, finishing up the trinkets.