Nick Famzi Instinct Not Working

“Turn Reporter Nick Famzi Jr To A Dare Devil” Instinct seems to have been borked in the last update. It seems to be affecting PS5, Xbox, and the PC versions according to recent comments on Youtube. Even starting a new game doesn’t fix it. I’ve even tried using three versions of Nick I’ve found around the map.

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Hi, we’re aware and looking for a solution!


Yh been going for the plat a couple days now and spent abt 4 hours trying to get it nothing. u do will pop it. hope they it gets fixed for nxt update


Yay! I mean baaaaaaaa!

Anyone confirm this work yet (or if there will
be a patch)? Still ain’t working on PS5.


I imagine we’ll have to wait for the game to be updated until the instinct works again


Hi, any news about this instinct? I wanted to get the platinum before playing the dlc and now I’m stuck in a limbo

Yh same here mate but its still ont working at this moment i think we gotta wait till nxt update but until then i say just try get all the other trophies finished for the nxt patch

Any uptade on when the next patch is?

I hope there will be a fix soon, it is the last instinct I need to complete…

We have been wokring on a fix for this along with other issues we want to patch. But due to the summer vacation it won’t be patched until after we’re back from our holiday :goat:

Sorry for the inconvenience, you’ll be able to get that final instinct achievement as soon as we’re back to patch it :goat_bless:


Womp womp

You know, I actually vote to NOT patch it. It would be Goat Simulatoresque to have one instinct impossible to get, therefore trolling everyone from getting the final console trophy. Tell the team we ain’t want no patch.