Only played free mobile version. Did I miss anything?

so i never played the og game on pc or console i only played free version on mobile. what did i miss? were there ufo’s and robots in goatville?

For mobile in general there is some exclusive content and also some exclusive content for PC

there was a cross over with I am bread for the PC, so you probably missed that

also, because you had the free version you had a few exclusive goats for example Mcgoat and only mobile was able to play the goatville high map

the goatville high was called buck to school and there was a buck. boss i released from a cage but the map was smallthx

thnx munin for editing it

i didnt get mcgoat bc i got it after the event and i got all the dlcs for free with goatbucks thats a plus

idk if this was only in xbox one but there were aliens in goatville

Oh okay