Need some help on a potential secret

There is a bunch of ice on top of a mountain near the lumberjacks, through some unintentional no-clippage I found a ufo inside it, anybody know how to get it out already?

warning spoiler

in the right hand corner of the map is a building with a big golden globe if unscrewed it will redirect the light to the mountain top, what will melt the ice

spoiler for when ufo is freed

u go to the mountain top and if standing on top of the ufo a mysterious green substance will be placed all over the map

!!!this change is not reversible!!!

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will it be removed when i quit the game and log back in

No it won’t

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so its permanent?

and how do you mark a spoiler


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Thank you for the info, I kept on trying to bring harvested sun containers and other flammable things to get it out, but this makes sense, thanks again

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