Music not working properly in goat castle

For some reason, after the anniversary update, the music that usually plays from the DJ machine in the goat castle is really quiet, even after headbutting it. And also sometimes when I use the portals in the goat castle, the music that should be playing in the goat castle instead plays outside until I go somewhere that changes the music. I think it has something to do with the Non-player character’s passive ability that plays the music Goat Chill. Can someone in the development team please fix this? I wanna jam normally with Deadgoa7 again.

Hey, this is an extremely common issue and the devs are likely looking into it. Just to gather more info, what platform were you on and were you playing alone or with others locally or online?

PC by myself, and I think it was caused by the anniversary update.

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PC on Epic, Steam, or the Microsoft Store?

Epic, I’ve practically had it since day 1.

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Thank you for reporting this. We will look into it!

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