Multiverse of Nonsense Ending Bugged

So far I haven’t come across anyone else posting about this but my daughter and I just completed the Multiverse of Nonsense DLC by collecting the final (disgusting) stone. Only when the cutscene started, there was no audio. Then a couple of minutes later the game froze and crashed to the title screen.

When we loaded the game back up, we saw that all of the stones were still in the tiara, only we did not unlock the end game awards (which I found out about after researching this issue and coming across a video of what happens in that ending cut scene). Now the game appears as though we never completed it - as if it’s waiting for something to trigger the ending again, like collecting the final stone. So far there has been nothing that we’ve been able to do to trigger it again.

This is the first time my daughter got into a video game and it’s been great playing this with her but now she’s so discouraged and defeated that she doesn’t want to play anymore.

Is there anything we can do?

Here is a shot of the achievement that we unlocked after collecting the final stone.

Here is another post reported a similar issue.

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