Multiplayer/Split-Screen guide for PS5

How to start multiplayer on PS5

Preparations before starting the game

– To be able to play online you need to have a PS Plus account
– Make sure you are friends with each other on PSN

How to add a friend to your PS5 account

  1. Player 1: Press the PS5 button
  2. Player 1: Move to the “Game Base” tab
  3. Player 1: Select Search for Players”
  4. Player 1: Search for the 2nd user’s account name
  5. Player 2: Accept the friend request
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for extra players

Preparations in the game

  1. Player 1: Once in the title screen, go to the “Friends” menu
  2. Player 1: Select each extra player from the list on the left side of the screen and press “Invite”
  3. Player 2: Accept the invitation (and any extra players that want to join the multiplayer session)
  4. Player 1: Close the Friends menu and select “New game” or “Continue” if you have already played

How to start split-screen on PS5

Preparations before starting the game
– Make sure you have already connected at least two or more PS5 controllers on your PS5

Preparations in the game

  1. Player 1: Start the game with your primary PS5 controller
  2. Player 2: In the title screen, press the PS button on the PS5 controller you want to use
  3. Player 2: Select a new PS5 Account (if you don’t have another PS5 account on your PS5 you can also add a new “Quick Player”)
  4. Player 2: After login into your second PS5 account, hold down the [square] button on your PS5 controller to join the session
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you have all players who are gonna join the game on the title screen
  6. Player 1: You can now start the game (with the primary PS5 controller) by selecting “New Game” or “Continue” if you have already played

We still have problems playing online with our PS5

  • Make sure all players have the latest version of the game
  • A reason why clients might not be able to connect to your game can be because of your router
  • You need to enable port forwarding on your router for the PS5