More game ideas

Add more goat characters such as more animals and creatures. I will like to play as a lion or tiger. Add another creature like abominana. Add a corn character such as the giant corn that you burn on fire making popcorn. Just put eyes, mouth, and legs. Including different kinds of cool sunglasses. Add a super goat costume like Superman with logo G or P for the goats name. Ability will be flight, baaa will freeze people and add laser to eyes. Add dlc through back to first goat game, making it nice and polished. Add more way to spend goat money because it just sits there. More to black market maybe gambling room to loose and gain money. Win prizes for wardrobe. Add the vehicle to break apart when crashing such as hood, door, wheel, class window, and back trunk that’s it. Don’t want it to be to real like GTA games. It would cool to add small planes to fly around map. Two seaters front and back plane and other two player siting on the plane wings if playing four players. Add another island to spawn to such as a loading screen not a expanding map to make a battle Royale fortnight map. Other map spawn should be same size or smaller not bigger. Can add about five would be more than enough. A desert area, snow area, and more. Going to space such as on moon.