Is there an alpha or demo of goat simulator 3 that I can test so I know what I am gonna see?

I have been a fan of goat simulator since 2016 and I have it on ps4, ps5, mobile, and computer. I really enjoy causing chaos as a animal with no brain, and the fact that goat simulator 3 will release this year makes me excited, but the longer I wait, I for some strange reason feel like time is getting slower. I also heard about a demo or alpha here in the forums and I got interested. I really want to play this game, especially with big udders from the pre-udder. Is there a Demo or Alpha of this game, if there is, please let me know so I can get my hands udderly dirty. :smile:


I don’t think there will be any public Beta. The game is definitely playtested, but this is most likely done by internals and already invited players, I’d assume.

And since the release isn’t that far away anymore, I doubt you will still be able to enter any private playtests (if it was ever possible at all).


This is definitely true, as well as the fact that the game isn’t too far away, so I’d seriously doubt any beta testing’s.


you had to go to gamescom germany to test it

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Old post, there were no public betas.