Goat Simulator Art

Please feel free to contribute any of your own inspired GOAT simulator related artwork here.


I love it how cool!

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:ok_hand:I have one but where did you did that or where did you edit that cause I want to make my own

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Appreciate it!
I use all different types of art apps on my mobile/laptop and I think i might have used Adobe illustrator & Picsart when creating this Pilgor artwork.

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Feel free 2 post your artwork here.

It would be great to see the creativity of our Goated Communnity build an art collection that is inspired by Goat Simulator! :heart_on_fire::goat::art:

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I totally agree with you. You have inspired me a lot, honestly. You should do more works like these, they are really cool. I don’t hesitate to start mine as soon as I can.:smile:. If it’s not too much trouble and you don’t mind, could you show me your other works? I’m trying to make mine, I’m using Picsart, it’s not bad, but I’m going to investigate more and try to make one like yours, I loved it. Thanks buddy

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Pilgor as a kid.

A doodle I made of Pilgor as the goat queen. Wasn’t happy with the anatomy of this one, but I promised K0MATOAT I’d repost it.

Both were made in Clip Studio Paint.


I really :heart_on_fire: your ‘Pilgor the Kid’ Artwork, Good job!
It’s really awesome 2 see both pieces of your artwork here m8.

Your :goat: Artwork contributions are greatly appreciated.

Thanx @Sheep

Stay Gold!


Yea they are awesome!
Great great job!


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look I have made an atomic baby


gugu tata
:baby: :baby_bottle:

OMG Pilgor as a kid is so darn cute :goat_mega_sad:



And I have a quiestion, how do you do those amazing artworks? :goat_love:
I´ve been searching on the internet but I´m not very convinced on the info.

You are a bunch of talented guys! ( K0MAT0 and sheep )
I love your arworks a loooooot!
:goat_love: :grin: :yum:

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Omg, thanks everybody! :goat_what: :goat_bless_love: