Goat simulator 3 in ps4

Hello I know many people ask about this and people respond with “the map is to big and graphics to good” for bringing goat sim 3 to ps4 which dosnt make sense because the quarry exists on ps4 along with,evil dead,MW2,god of war ragnarock being examples and all I want to know is at least a little hint of if it will come to ps4 or switch. Or if you’re at least trying to do it or going to.I just want confirmation is the full message of this

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I know we already discussed this in the discord, but for others looking: No, we don’t know anything else. There are a wide variety of reasons as to why Coffee Stain North will or won’t port the game to old gen consoles and switch, we do not know whether they are or not, and there are no guarantees.


The game for now runs on the ps5 graphical engine and it takes a lot of time and cash to port it to the ps4’s engine, like I said earlier in different topic, it’s also graphically intense because of light and that might sound stupid but the lighting constantly changes in gs3 and other platforms that port to the ps4 use static pre-made forms the light will change to

So just to summarize, the light in GS3 is dynamic and the ps4 has to have pre loaded calculations to make the lighting look like that in GS3 and that takes some time to do, games like MWII use this technique to keep fps above 30 and push it to 60

This is just one of the problems that I’m aware of there are probably much more since the graphical engine on these machines is to different


Also I suspect that the map doesn’t just load half off it to stop RAM usage from getting to high