Goat sim iceberg V2 (unofficial)


Incredible work!

There is lost media for Goat sim? I didn’t know that,can anyone tell me what lost media there is? Also do we know the origins of Pilgor? And one more thing, zero??

Goat zero, the zombie version of pilgor: and by lost media I mean the mobile port of the Christmas update for goat mmo: and the origins of pilgor refer to something I heard on another iceberg video, claiming that the name “pilgor” was taken from a director of a sitcom, or something along the lines of that,

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Hm, i actually forgot about goat zero, even if the name is used for the skin, i always thought the Christmas update always comes on every Christmas,and the origin for Pilgor…idk.
Other that i nailed all the entries.
Good job man,i can’t belive it took you so little to make this!

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