Does anyone know if the digital downgrade skins will have abilities?

because in an IGN article it states

“It’s basically the same as mutators,” he explains, “but we split them into their different components. So, like in space [in the last game] there was the Space Goat that had the helmet and the suit and you can get low gravity… Now the helmet is one gear, and suit is another, and the helmet has an ability. So we’ve split it up into components, so you can have a whole set of something, but one of the gears will have the ability of that set. And then you can toggle them on and off. You can have multiple gears at the same time and they all shoot - they all use the same input. So they all shoot at the same time and that creates more chaos.”

Does this mean all of them are going to have abilities like is the goat zero going to be able to create zombies?!

no its just a mask

How do you know?

saw a video of it it was a mask the rest was pilgor skin except the space suit but they don’t have abilities

huh interesting thx for the info


quote " The Digital Downgrade (Deluxe) Edition mainly comes with additional skins of past DLCs and the soundtrack (digital) - The PC Edition also includes 3D Printing Files:

  • Play as Old School Pilgor
  • Full Tank armor (MMO)
  • “Goat Zero” skin (GoatZ)
  • Space helmet & suit (Waste of Space)
  • Masks of Don Pastrami, Valentino Salami, Dolph Spaghetti & Humphrey Ciabatta (Payday)
  • Digital Soundtrack

3D Printing Files (PC only):

The Digital Downgrade Edition and DLC add may goat gears, most are just accessories but some have powers.