Darkness as Game Progresses

Hey all, this one’s a bit weird but I’m guessing intentional unfortunately. Me and my son made it to the end of the game and we’ve noticed it’s not as bright as it once was. Almost like sunset level of brightness now. We’re not sure which event caused it. Is there anyway to reverse it?

This is a spoiler so watch out

event: “reel it in” causes a light house to apear out the water with that light settings can be changed because of the light bulb in the tower

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My dumb self busted the lightbulb…can I fix it? :frowning:

i dont know maybe there is a new one somewhere in the map

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I beat the game already with my son, sadly there isn’t. Hopefully that’s not a spoiler I don’t know how to mark a spoiler I’m sorry.

The lighthouse can be head butted to change lighting, if you want to change it back, simply head butt it again