Crossplatform saves

Is there a way to sync my PC saves to my Android game version ?
I bought the Android version 2 weeks ago. It is very cool to be able to play this game on my tablet but I would also like to continue the same save than on my computer.

  • right now the game on Android is quite buggy (some textures missing and a lot of bugs or slow downs)

Do you know if some patches are on their way ?

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Unfortunately you cannot cross save between android and PC as they are not compatible. However if you bought Goat Simulator 3 on the Microsoft store (or have gamepass) then I’m pretty sure you can play goat simulator 3 with Xbox Cloud Gaming on your tablet or other mobile device but I’m pretty sure you need a controller/gamepad and you need to be connected to WiFi.

Also although I do not know for certain that the devs of the mobile versions are working to patch those specific bugs, I would be very surprised if they weren’t because they are aware of those issues.